Your Diet with Slim Tea

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Let’s face the facts here, you are what you eat!


Our Slim Tea Diet


Do you really want to lose weight?   Following our diet listed below will boost your weight loss plan by 100%. You don’t need to follow this plan, but if your mind is set on balancing your weight ratio to your frame height then please read on.  Remember, the aim is a respectable level of weight loss, nutrition is vital for the body to sustaining an equal balance of health.

Along with our tea some adjustments need to be made to ones diet if you really want to shed some pounds. We suggest a few things that can help you lose weight.  Gaining weight is eating more calories than the body burns; your intake is too much processing for the body’s burn rate.

In most cases people eat too much, but don’t exert enough energy for those calories to be consumed.  The intake and quality of the food they do consume, maybe too high in sugars and fats?  It’s about quality of the food you eat, how much you eat, and movement of the body, - yes, exercise!

Let me ask you some questions.  Have you ever gone a week without meat?  Some meats take a long time to digest and if you’re a large meat eater, then you may still have a lot of meat digesting in your system at this present moment.  We believe that flushing your system with vegetables, salads, fruits, nuts, water, tea, eggs and vegetarian pasta for one to two weeks can achieve better results.

Nobody ever does this, we change our cars filter and oil every 8 to 12 months, but in the body we can’t do this.  To really cleanse your system, you can even try using water for one day after the two weeks on the above mentioned, then one day using cleansing juices, this will really flush your system out.  We really should be doing this at least once a year.

A diet with slim tea needs to be backed up by other foods for the waist line tea to be affective, eat healthy foods that assist keeping trim with Oolong tea.

So our suggesting is: (you can alter this based on “preference in food types”)
Its recommended eating until your 80% full, NOT completely stuffed.

Morning:  Your choice of:
Toast, Oats or Cereal
Piece of fruit
After 10 minutes: >Our Tea  
30 minutes after, some exercise

(No snacking in-between, if so then only nuts or fruit)

Note: Depending on the person, Exercise can be done before, or after lunch (your choice)
Lunch: Your choice of: 
Pasta, Salad, Rice, or Fruit Salad
Sandwich or Steamed Vegetables
After 10 minutes: >Our Tea
30 minutes after: Some Exercise

No Tea, Some Exercise before Dinner
Dinner: Your choice of:
Pasta, Salad, Rice, Vegetarian pizza 
Omelet with Steamed Vegetables
No Tea before Sleep


Ouote "You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."

Warning: It is advised that modern day labeling can be misleading, therefore it would be advisable to avoid processed foods. Reduction of Sugars, Salts and fats in these processed foods is a key to changing the bodies metabolic process that will allow weight loss more easily. By using more natural foods, your body can get back to a state of equilibrium, that can evaluate incoming foods more easily. In saying this, you should probably watch some documentaries to understand that money plays a key role in what we consume.

The Men Who Made Us Fat. Episode 1
The Men Who Made Us Fat. Episode 2
The Men Who Made Us Fat. Episode 3
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omelet pizza
pasta sand