Fitness Plan With Slimming Tea

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Oolong slimming tea

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It starts with the mind, the body follows.

Do you need to follow this plan? No.

Our Fitness Plan with the Aid of Slimming Tea

When it comes to fitness, what you put in is what you get back.
It's your body, listen to it.  If you have a feeling that you’re carrying too much weight, and it's not a misconception, your intuition is probably correct.  But will you act on it?

Our bodies give us many indications that some adjustments need to be acted on; normally we decided it's not important and we do other priorities listed in our minds eye. It's all to do with the order of one’s own priority list.  Equilibrium of work and fitness, the yin and yang polarity of an individual shows visually by the age of 20 to 30. Either your - overweight, just right, or too thin.

Genetics?  If you’re locked into that concept, then that will hinder or suppress your enthusiasm.  Get rid of it, you are equal until you stop trying.  It's the environment that affects genetics.

If you stick an overweight person on an island with 20 fit people who exercise and eat right, what's going to happen to the overweight person?  His mind will be fed motivation, eating habits, and social activities that lead to weight reduction.  Overweight people tend to hang out with overweight people. Environment changes the mind, - the body follows.

So let's take a look at you!  How's your waist? Any fat there you can hold on to? If it's less than a 10cm pinch, your just right, good work.  If it's less than 5cm, relax you don't need to get any thinner, having bones showing is not a good look.  If it's over 10cm it's time for equilibrium.  Ok, waist lines are a little bit stubborn, but if you leave it to long, it becomes even harder to get it off. 

Ok, so what exercise is going to suit you?  Top waist line reduction exercisers would obviously be movement of that area  E.g. Swimming, Kayaking, side to side movements like jogging with a little swing to both sides, (jog but in the normal arm movements of rhythm, twist the torso slightly side to side), this looks a little funny but it's great for the waist.

Then you have Aerobics, Step machines, Treadmill, Bike machine, Bike, Gym, Walking and Sport. If you love TV buy a step machine and put it in front of the TV and watch it while you exercise.  Keep using torso swing.  If you like to get out of the house, try swimming, bike riding, kayaking, jogging or walking.


How long should I exercise?  You start burning fat at around 30 minutes, so everything after that, is progress.

Normally we need some kind of fitness for our bodies, as this can clean, oxygenate, lubricate and give ourselves a refreshing boost.  Our tea will assist in the process of burning fat.  When we do exercise, it uses the body’s store of energy in our blood, when that’s depleted the body use’s stored fat, this is the time we need to recognize and go the few extra miles.

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