Best Weight Loss TeaWhy We use Oolong or Pu-erh in our Weight Loss Tea?

If you’re looking for a great weight loss tea, look no further than oolong or pu-erh teas. Both of these teas are specially-formulated to help you lose the weight that you want when diet and exercise are just not enough.

These weight loss tea’s will help multiply the effects of your healthy eating choices and more active lifestyle so that you can lose weight fast. However, these weight loss tea’s work in your body in different ways and therefore should not be taken together.

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Oolong teaOolong Tea and Weight Loss

Oolong tea should be consumed prior to meals in order to produce the best effect. Oolong tea primarily works as a weight loss tea to boost your metabolism and encourage your body to burn as many calories as possible which is why it should be taken before meals. This metabolism boost will help prevent your body from storing many of the carbohydrates as fats that it normally would.

Oolong tea also helps to boost your energy, so it can also be consumed before you go out to exercise to help you go longer and harder. Plus, another way that oolong tea works with your body is by causing it to burn more fat, up to three times as much as green tea. This is because of the mixture of catechins and theaflavins which get your body to burn existing fat that helps directly with weight loss.

Pu erh TeaPu-erh Tea and Weight Loss

Pu-erh tea should always be consumed about an hour after a meal. This is because it helps to remove any excess fats in your body and will remove any residual fat that are still in your stomach after eating.
If you drink pu-erh tea before a meal, it may actually make you feel hungrier by removing the fat from your body which could then cause you to over-eat.

Pu-erh tea also helps to keep your digestive tract moving so that nothing is left in your intestines that should be removed. It will also help give you an energy boost which will help you stay on track with your exercise and fitness goals.

By adding pu-erh slimming tea to your daily routine while cutting back some on fatty foods, you will be able to quickly multiply your weight loss.

Slimming Tea choicesIs Oolong or Pu-Erh Tea a Better Weight Loss Tea?

Because they both work in very different ways, it’s impossible to say which one will be better for you. If it will be easier for you to drink tea before meals and workouts, consider oolong tea, but if you prefer a warm cup of tea after you eat, then go for the pu-erh tea.

Either one will have a noticeable impact on your weight loss and will help you reach your weight loss goals. Studies done for both  slimming tea's suggest that the more fermented the tea is, the better aid it is with weight management. Therefore, Pu-erh is slightly better than oolong, but oolong has the a nice fruity taste for a stand-alone tea.

What’s Special About Our Weight Loss Tea’s?

Both our oolong tea and pu-erh teas are blended with other ingredients that not only enhance the flavor of the tea making it even more palatable, but they also boost their weight loss potentials.
Our Black Oolong Mint weight loss tea also contains organic mint leaves, citrus, ginseng granules, stevia, garcinia cambogia, and green tea extract.

Our Pu-erh Peach weight loss tea also contains natural peach flavor, ginger granules, ginseng granules, stevia, garcinia cambogia, and green tea extract.

So, if your diet and exercise regimen just isn’t enough, try one of our weight loss tea’s to get the results that you’re looking for.

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Pu-erh Tea
Oolong Mint Tea

The Best Weight Loss Chickweed & Oolong Tea's

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Our herbal slimming tea's are custom blended with other herbs with quality natural extracts for the assistance in weight loss.

I believe that everywhere in natures plants and elements, exist natural herbs to assist the body with different functions. Ancient medicines were all based on herbal, plant ingredients, not like todays synthetic lab produced compounds that’s on the market today. Pharmaceutical companies are producing these synthetic compounds in a costly effort to produce profits, but end up lowering the grade of the active elements, the company then pays millions for advertisement and sells the product.

Why not leave them in their true form? Science is now looking back to these herbal plants and finding the natural extracts and its specific purpose. “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food”. We have blended our Non Diuretic Weight Loss Tea to lift the body’s metabolic rate. Its truly one of the best weight loss teas for 2015.

Our black oolong slimming tea has 6 other extracts for a powerful blend of co-workers that work together and reduce fat especially with a fitness plan. You can buy oolong tea online but not with this specific formulation. This blend is unique, well researched with quality extracts.

This oolong weight loss tea has been formulated buy a nutritionist who happens to be part of my family (thanks Lisa) I have no hesitation in recommending you to buy black oolong slimming tea from our online store. We hope you read our well researched articles on both our sites .com and .com.au and hope you return to buy our black oolong tea.

We have 3 weight loss tea formulatoins.

Choose the best slimming teaFeatured for this month:

* Black Oolong Slimming Tea
* Chickweed
* Five-leaf Gynostemma
* Lotus Leaf
* Gymnema Leaf
* Tangerine Peel
* Stevia Rebaudiana

* No Artificial Colors
* No Artificial Flavors
* No Preservatives
* Non Diuretic Teas

Why Chickweed Tea in this Formulation?

Chickweed Tea and Weight loss

Chickweed tea is a healthy herbal tea that’s found from herbs that are readily available in most parts of America and Europe. Chickweed herbal slimming tea has many uses for improving the quality of life and curing many illnesses including digestive problems, skin irritation and even cough.

It is a herb that can easily be spotted around the garden, and chickens love to eat this herb, and this is how it got its name. The herb is also commonly known as star weed and satin flower.

As we all know, many herbal teas are beneficial to the health and chickweed tea is one of the best. Chickweed tea contains many macronutrients such as magnesium, calcium, potassium and other nutrients which are highly absorbed for assisting with many bodily functions. Here are some of chickweed benefits to improving the quality of life.

Diet and Weight Control

One of the most traditional uses of herbal teas is to help reduce weight and control dieting. Although many people who use herbs are often confused with their role in weight reduction.

Chickweed tea bags also do an excellent job in reducing weight. This herbal tea plays a crucial role in eliminating excess water from the body that promotes weight loss. Another benefit of using this herbal tea is to help control you’re dieting, so you eat a small quantity of food when using chickweed, and this encourages weight reduction.

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Prevents Digestive System Issues
Another great healthy benefit of using chickweed as a slimming tea is that it helps to stop completely or prevent internal bleeding around the digestive system. Chickweed tea has a component that contributes to boosting blood clotting, and this contributes to reducing the flow of blood on an internal bleed to stop any digestive problems you may have.

Pain Relief
Chickweed tea is also popularly taken to help relieve body pains. Due to its anti-inflammatory action, chickweed can contribute to reducing any inflammation and thus reduce pain within and outside the body.

Accelerates Skin Healing Process
Another healthy benefit of using chickweed tea is to help speed up the healing process of your skin which might have been damaged by burns or injuries. It also helps in preventing skin irritation.
The anti-inflammatory properties of the herbal tea help accelerate the formation of new tissues in the skin and also prevent skin irritation like skin rashes.

Removes Toxins from the body
Toxic substances often build up around our body that makes us feel sick and uncomfortable. Toxic materials reduce the metabolism of our body systems. Herbs play a crucial role in eliminating this threat in our body.

If you want to flush out toxic waste that are built up in your body, then it’s highly advised that you buy chickweed tea that you can easily order from our online store specially designed for herbal and weight loss teas. This herbal tea gets rid of toxins from your body so that you can stay fit and be in good healthy condition.

Minimizes the Risk of getting Acne
Acne is another skin inflammation of the skin that causes the skin to swell and become red. Chickweed herbal tea has a great anti-inflammatory effect and can help prevent this inflammation that’s affecting most of the population, especially the facial areas, chickweed can reduce the redness commonly seen with acne.

Purifies the blood
The common reason for the use of herbal tea is to clean and purify the blood and even reduce blood sugar to lessen the risk of getting diabetes. Our major concern here is the amazing work chickweed herbal tea does by cleaning your blood and making it healthy. It also prevents plague formation in the blood that is the primary cause of heart-related issues and stroke. Using this tea daily can help you minimize the risk of getting stroke or heart attacks.

In conclusion, chickweed does a great job in improving the health of persons taking it. You can buy chickweed tea online from our store. We added this herb to our tea blend as it was to valuable to leave it out, our list of ingredients were slowly dwindled down to create a formula that can affect weight loss without being too diuretic. A lot of information is available online to help you make the right choice. Happy shopping

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The lack of a Non Diuretic Weight Loss Tea on the market has now changed

This product is produced to be an aid, not a solution.
Proper eating habits along with our tea will assist you in losing weight.
Not intended for breast feeding or pregnant woman.
In addition, please consult your physician for further
information on specific medical conditions
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