Know More About Oolong Tea Health Benefits

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Oolong Tea, Crushed Mint with added Herbs and Extracts

Best tasting weight loss tea with crushed mint leaves

Oolong mint weight loss tea

Oolong Mint Weight Loss Tea

Mint has always been good for the body and its flavor when added with our base of 60% oolong tea was an opportunity not to be missed. Mint has an array of benefits, especially for the flow of foods through the intestines.

In addition to mint we formulated this tea with extracts like, Citrus Aurantium, Green Tea Extract, Ginseng Granules, Garcinia Cambogia Extract and Stevia Rebaudiana, all are important parts of a weight loss tea designed to feed the body nutrients while boosting the metabolism and assisting with digestion. The formulation has been designed to:

    • Oolong Tea can: Burning fat 3 x better than green tea (through a process called lipolysis).
    • Green tea extract supply powerful nutrients to keep the body healthy while burning fat
    • Extracts with efficient cleansing ability
    • Speeds up metabolism naturally in preparation for exercise
    • Is a non-diuretic weight loss tea for a healthy body
    • Will increase energy levels and mental alertness

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    Oolong Weight Loss Tea
    Paper Filtered Tea Bags
    Oolong Mint Weight Loss Tea Benefits
    black Oolong tea or wu-long tea Organic Mint Leaves Citrus Aurantium Green Tea Extract
    Oolong Tea or Wu-long TeaGood for:
    • Increasing basal metabolic rate
    • Burning fat 3 x better than green tea (through a process called lipolysis)
    • Blocking dietary fat absorption

    Organic Mint Leaves
    Good for:

    • Helps Digestion.
    • Weight Loss.
    • Respiratory Disorders.
    • Asthma.
    • Nausea and headaches.
    • Relieves muscle pain.


    Citrus Aurantium
    Good for:
    • Weight Loss.
    • Increased Metabolism.
    • Increase Fat Break Down.
    • Increased Thermo genesis.
    • Decreased Appetite.
    • Energy Increase.
    • Good for digestive disorders.
    Green Tea Extract
    Good For:
    • Lowers Cholesterol and Blood Pressure.
    • Assists Weight Loss.
    • Prevents Inflammation.
    • Controls Blood Sugar Levels.
    • Slows the Aging Process.
    • Helps Prevent Liver Disease.
    • Fights Infection.
    Ginseng Granules Garcinia Tea Stevia Tea  
    Ginseng Granules
    Good for:
    • Lifts Metabolic Rate
    • Mental and Physical Performance
    • Boosts Endurance
    • Aiding in type 2 diabetes
    • Has anti-inflammatory effects
    • Male Sexual Function
    • Benefits with Weight Loss
    Garcinia Cambogia
    Good for:
    • Aids with weight loss
    • Prevents Fat Storage
    • Boosts Immune System
    • Reduced Cholesterol and Blood Pressure
    • Prevents Fat Storage
    • Speeds up Metabolism
    • Prevention of Ulcers
    Stevia Rebaudiana
    Good for:
    • Natural Sweetener.
    • Weight loss aid.
    • Treating diabetes.
    • High blood pressure.
    • Heartburn.
    • Lowering uric acid levels.

    Read or watch our presentation for this page Natural Organic tea

    Teas for Weight Loss

    When I was in Egypt, a favorite tea of mine was this black tea with natural mint leaves added to the tea, it was so good I looked for it when I returned home, but to my surprise there was only peppermint. For me, drinking a tea that gave a cooling effect from the peppermint in a tea was horrible. So the only choice was to make my own, I grew the mint and started to juice or add the leaves to a black tea, the taste was so good I wondered why there was lack of a mint tea on the market. So we formulated our own.

    For this tea we decided to add extra known slimming compounds to help the Oolong tea do its job, these compounds help by lifting the metabolic rate to assist with the fat burning process. Ginseng is a powerful herb that boosts endurance and works with the oolong to maintain mental and physical performance. When using teas for weight loss, we recomend taking the tea 30 minutes before exersize.

    Diet Teas

    I'm Proud to present our Oolong Mint Tea for dieting, it has a great fresh taste and is one of the best teas for weight loss, mint tea for weight loss has many benefits to help the body become more slender.

    Please view the benefit lists of our tea below, or investigate the ingredients page in the info section for a more in-depth evaluation of the ingredients. We have gathered research from other source's with links to the individual pages for your reference to satisfy your mind, and why these herbs were selected in our teas.



    This Natural Oolong Mint tea is one of our best teas for weight loss, It delivers a great boost for a morning jog. If Taken at the right time the tea will help boost the metabolic rate and burn fat.