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Oolong Tea ( Wu-long Tea ) & Garcinia Cambogia Tea?

Oolong Tea

If you are or have been trying to lose weight, you've probably heard all about those superfoods or slimming teas, such as the Oolong tea. What's different between the ordinary green tea and the Oolong tea is the way they're processed. All tea is initially green, when picked but the green tea is heated, so the natural oxidation of the leaf can be halted. The Oolong tea, on the other hand, is plucked and kept under controlled temperature conditions, which allow the leaves to oxidize.

But how do these properties of the Oolong tea actually help you lose weight? Well, in order to shed off the fat, you need to increase your energy expenditure, that's the energy you burn when exercising, and decrease your calorie intake. Caffeine, one of the active ingredients in the tea, has been well-known for its ability to speed up metabolism, thus helping increase your energy expenditure and help you slim and lose weight. In addition, Oolong tea is known for its unique combination of caffeine and EGCGs, an ingredient that also increases the fat oxidation.

Moreover, Oolong tea is packed with anti-oxidants which further boost up your metabolism - according to some sources, by 10% or more. Apart from their beneficial role in killing the free radicals, the anti-oxidants help burn the fat more quickly by blocking the fat building enzymes, so you not only lose weight, but keep your new slim body for longer. And on top of that, the Oolong tea also keeps your appetite and sugar cravings in check, making you feel more satiated.

Is there any truth to these claims, you might ask? Well, one of the first supports for the weight loss properties of the Oolong tea comes from the Chinese medicine. A Chinese study in 1998 discovered that female participants that consumed Oolong tea for six weeks, demonstrated significant reduction in their body weight. Furthermore, a study by Dr. William Rumpler from 2001 discovered that Oolong tea was associated with increased energy expenditure. The participant group that consumed the slimming tea on a regular basis, demonstrated a 3% higher energy expenditure and burned, on average, 65 calories more than the group that consumed water instead.

Research is consistent, when it comes to the slimming properties of the Oolong tea. But what can be even more beneficial is the combination between Oolong tea and Green tea extract. As already mentioned, the two types of tea come from the same plant - the only difference is in how these two are processed. In another study, cited by the Linus Pauling Institute, two groups of participants were given Oolong tea, but one of them also consumed a mixture between Oolong tea and Green tea extract. As a result, the participants who drank the mixture, had a greater reduction of their body weight, waist circumference and body mass index, as well as the amount of subcutaneous fat. In fact, Oolong tea is often combined with various teas to increase its beneficial effects. Green tea extract dosage weight loss should be 2 cups per day

Apart from green tea extract, Pu-erh teas, which leaves are oxidized in a similar way to the Oolong teas, has been demonstrated to result in а dramatic decrease of body weight. It works by balancing your metabolism and stimulating its functionality, as well as promote microbes and enzymes essential for your well-being.

Apart from helping you lose weight and improving your metabolism, the weight loss Oolong tea has also many other benefits. According to experts, it also increases your insulin activity and lower blood sugar levels, and the high concentration of fluoride improves your oral health. Research into the miraculous properties of the Oolong tea continues, but one this is sure: it's completely safe, 100% natural and is one of the best additions to your slimming diet.

Organic Mint tea

Organic Mint Leaves

Mint is an herb that has been employed since the pre-historic time because of the properties which it possesses. These properties can be termed as:

  • Medicinal
  • Culinary and
  • Aromatic

Its origin, uses as well as therapeutic applications date back to the antediluvian days of the ancient Greeks, as mint leaves were applied on guests' dining tables as a gesture to welcome them. In the Middle East, it is still a tradition to offer mint tea to guest upon their arrival. Globally, from Europe to the Middle East together with Asia, its usage has been engaged to clear the air in homes and temples. Mint's distinctive scent has made it one of the world's perfuming herbs in history. It is imperative to know that this plant has played an important role in numerous traditions across the world.

Health Benfits of Mint Leaves

Mint leaves have numerous health benefits. Some of these are as follows:

Digestion: Mint helps to improve digestion and also serve as an appetite cleanser. It also soothes stomach pains which result from indigestion or inflammation. Menthol oil extract from mint can be very calming for nausea as well as related motion sickness.

Weight Loss: Mint has been employed in process of losing weight. It has been identified as a stimulant and helps convert fat into usable energy instead of storing it. This is achieved by stimulating the digestive enzymes.

Cancer: Research has revealed that certain enzymes are found in mint which helps in prevention and treatment of cancer.

Asthma: Mint usage on a consistent basis can help individuals with asthma, as it provides relaxation as well as relieves breathing.

Weight Loss Tea Production Using Organic Mint Leaves

Using certain processes, certain constituents have been extracted from mint leaves. These mint extracts have been employed in the production of weight loss or slimming teas. Shedding off excessive weight (weight loss) is a herculean task many individuals struggle to achieve. Daily consumption of these weight loss teas made with organic mint extract, in addition to body-enhancing meals, can be highly beneficial.

However, not only do these teas help you lose weight, they also improve the rate of metabolism in individuals who take them. Some of these teas include: Oolong and Puerh Tea. 

Mint Tea

Mint tea is also another variety of tea produced from the mint extract. It possesses certain constituent that can suppress an individual's appetite for food or sugar cravings. A research that was conducted revealed that individuals who took this tea lost weight rapidly over a period of time.

Without doubt, slimming tea or weight loss tea have come to stay as a result of the various health benefit retained in them. However, organic mint leaves has played a major role in this aspect.

Citrus Aurantium Tea

(Citrus Aurantium) Bitter Orange for Weight Loss

There are several reasons why bitter orange is often included in popular weight loss products. Bitter orange extract contains m-synephrine (phenylephrine); a stimulant which is making you feel more alert and helping you burn more energy. The effects are similar to caffeine, but stronger. In fact; bitter orange became a very popular substitute for Ephedra in 2004 when the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) banned all supplements containing this substance1.

Bitter orange has a capacity of increasing your metabolic rate without any exercise2. This effect takes place no matter what your current weight status is. Even mildly overweight people with an average age of 25 years have been observed to get an increased energy consumption of 8% when consuming bitter orange 2.

Both m-synephrine and p-synephrine are commonly found in weight loss products. Synephrine is known for its capability of breaking down body fat to be used as energy, and its thermogenic effect. Thermogenesis is the production of heat in the body. Body heat production is a well-known strategy for losing weight as a lot of energy is used to keep the body temperature up. Synephrine can also increase your mood and motivation to exercise through its antidepressant effects3.

As with most natural compounds, bitter orange works best in synergy with other natural products to promote weight loss as they often target different systems in the body. This is why natural weight loss products containing bitter orange often also contain caffeine3. There are many studies done on the combined effects of bitter orange extract and caffeine. Sometimes the safety of bitter orange extract is questioned due to its ability to increase blood pressure which is believed to put extra stress on the heart. However, if taken in moderation, no adverse effects can be seen whilst maintaining as an increased metabolic rate4.

When trying to lose weight it is always important to consider the purity of your supplements. Choose natural products which have been through as little processing as possible. Many teas and bitter orange works wonderful together. Oolong tea for example is full of antioxidants and caffeine working in synergy with bitter orange to promote fat loss and keep your cells healthy.


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Green Tea weight loss

Organic Green Tea Extract Benefits in Our Tea

chickweed tea and its components

Green tea or its natural extract comes from the plant Camellia Sinensis. The active compounds present in green tea belong to the family of polyphenols (catechins and flavonoids), whose main characteristics are the powerful antioxidant and their anti-inflammatory properties. Green tea extract has become a popular ingredient used in the formulas and supplements for weight loss and fat burning.

The combination of catechins, flavonoids and caffeine induces an increase thermogenesis, a process that helps in burning calories and fat. Green tea contains from 2 to 4% caffeine, a stimulant known to the nervous system and also influences the muscular and cardiovascular system. The caffeine also stimulates the release of neurotransmitter chemicals in the brain, influencing and thus stimulating alertness and mental agility. The best green teas for weight loss is obviously Green tea extract and matcha as these are concentrated forms in powder, thus we use quality paper filtered tea bags

The major catechins in green tea are epigalocatequinagalato (EGCG) and epigallocatechin (EGC). The EGCG is considered to be the most potent catechins with an action antioxidant about 25 to 100 times higher than that of vitamin C and vitamin E. The combination of catechins, flavonoids and caffeine has the ability to stimulate metabolism and lead to increased thermogenesis, a process that helps in burning calories and fat. It is justified, therefore, the usefulness of this compound in weight loss. However, it should be borne in mind that the calorie expenditure associated with the use of this ingredient is relatively moderate and without proper combination of diet and exercise, does not obtain the desired results.

The powerful antioxidant present in this compound help in preventing cardiovascular diseases and promote apoptosis (death) of cells with abnormal characteristics, reducing the probability of developing cancer. It may contribute to the protection of the heart and vascular system. Some studies also refer potential benefits in terms of prostate cancer, the immune system and gut health. Natures slim tea beleve we sell the best green teas for weight loss here on our site, and hope you return for more interesting articles. 

Oolong Tea for Weight Loss.

Green tea, Oolong tea (or wu-long), and black tea all come from the same plant. The differences in the final product we drink comes from the differences in time that the three types of tea are fermented and processed. Green tea has been partially fermented and black tea was processed further. Oolong tea falls in the middle. The most famous study links oolong tea with weight loss was published in August 2003.

Researchers at the University of Tokushima School of Medicine and seven other schools, considered that this Chinese tea increased calorie burning by 10%, while drinking green tea had a 4% increase. Green tea extract dosage weight loss should be kept to 2 to 3 cups per day and not directly before sleep. 

Key Benefits of Green Tea Extract:

  • Rich in antioxidants - prevent premature aging.
  • Thermogenic - helps burn fat.
  • Anti-inflammatory.
  • Stimulates concentration and mental alertness.
  • Prevents heart disease and cancer.
  • It promotes the proper functioning of the immune system.
  • Green tea is an excellent slimming tea, perfect for weight loss.
Natures Slim Tea
Natures Slim Tea
Ginseng tea

Ginseng Granules

Ginseng Tea and Weight loss Tea

If you are looking for a good tea that helps you in most areas especially in the health area, then this one may serve as a kind of super tea if you will.  At least that's what it should be called.  Ginseng tea can even be called a type of enhancer for many reasons.

Ginseng is very common in the Asian countries like China and Korea.  For a very long time, they have been using this tea and Ginseng by itself not just for a nice cup of tea, but to even cure illnesses or prevent them from ever coming all together.

Ginseng is a supper ingredient for many reasons.  There are 3 main types of Ginseng, even though they are from different parts of the world:  American, Asian, and Siberian.   It is well known for giving a boost in energy as well as mental clarity.  It also helps to prevent free radical damage to the body. Ginseng Tea is very similar to green tea in a lot of areas, as well as ginger tea in other areas.   It also helps in reducing the risk of cancer or help prevent cancer developing, it also helps women especially with menstrual issues. 

For women with Menstrual difficulties, it can help reduce pain and bring more relieve to the body, helping to prevent cramping as well as stomach pains.  It can also help with obesity as well as improving the digestive problems, the ginseng gives the body and brain a boost in stamina, and this in turn helps people to keep weight off by sustaining endurance with physical activity.   This super tea can also help people who suffer from asthma.  Ginseng tea can also help with arthritis.
For people with sexual problems, Ginseng is known for being used to improve in this areas as well.  This tea is very good at reducing mental and physical distress and truly relaxes and sooths the body without lifting adrenaline levels.    This amazing tea also has healing properties in it.  Ginseng comes from a perennial plant root, and allot of times its used on its own by steaming the root for many hours, the root is then cut into slices. This is a potent way to consume ginseng, only tiny slices need to be taken once daily.

The health benefits of Ginseng Tea are present because of the chemical called 'ginsenosides' which is from the root.  Ginseng is truly one of the most popular roots used for in Tea.  This tea has a good amount of Radix glycyrrhizae, panax quinquefolium and herbal lysismachiae.   This tea also helps people with low blood pressure and reduces mental cramps, as well as improving concentration and cognitive capabilities.  This would make really good Brain Food as it truly boosts your capabilities while improving the functions of the brain cells. 

This would be the perfect tea for students.  There is however risks involved with the consumption of Ginseng tea.  Daily consumption over time may cause sleeplessness over time as well as heart problems.  It would be a good idea to talk and consult with a physician if you are thinking of taking this tea regularly every day.  Natures Slim Tea has formulated our tea where the strength is regulated at daily amounts not harmful if taken daily. Ginseng tea on its own should be used as per specifications on the packet or consult your doctor if used daily.   

This tea is recognized by medical experts as well as scientist as a powerful tool against several types of cancers like skin, breast, lung, colon, bladder and esophageal, helping to prevent or reduce the risk, and possibly the cancer itself.  This also slows the growth of tumors, stomach cancers, ovarian, pancreatic, and liver cancer.  This tea is also revealed to help increase the levels for the main antioxidants like Glutathione. This is also the same for Green tea. 

Mixing the two together, with possibly ginger tea could create a super tea.  Ginseng at least is also known to enhance anything it's added to.  For example, anything that is good for the body would make it much healthier than by itself.    But unfortunately it can be very harmful as well.  For example, using it with bad foods or let's say alcohol can probably do harm.  For all the problems a food or drink can cause, if added with ginseng this could enhance the effects greatly.

So make sure to use it wisely, as it has been used to do good as well as harm in the past, especially in Asia.  Mixing Ginseng with Green Tea, oolong tea as well as ginger tea can help increase their effects as well.  Just imagine mixing Ginseng with Green Tea Extract. This could have a significant difference, especially since this tea is already an enhanced version of green tea.   If you can combine different tea that is good for you, especially when it's really needed in an emergency, this could be a big life saver, not just for one, but for many.  Most people don't know much about teas at all, but the culture of tea is rapidly growing simply because of the influences from around the world.     

Weight loss is something many people struggle with.  Ginseng tea can be a great help if you drink daily or every other day, with less consumption of food and actually eating foods that enhance your body not giving your body too much junk food and fast food that's too fattening.  Green Tea, Ginger tea are also very good with reducing or preventing weight gain if it's used on a daily bases.  Just be wary of any effects it might have on a long term bases.  Remember that it is important not over-do anything too much, even exercise.  Your body can't take too much of anything, even sleep.  It is a good idea to stay balanced with other types of varieties of herb, as well as different varieties of healthy foods if you would like to maintain a healthier way of life.

I hope you liked this article and have learned at least a little about what Ginseng Tea, Green Tea, and even Ginger tea could do for you.  Make sure to drink these responsibly, and talk to your doctor about any concerns you may have about long term effects.  Let's all live a healthier lifestyle by drinking more of these natural teas.

Note:You can only buy our tea's online as these formulations are exclusive to natures slim tea

buy garcinia cambogia tea bags online

Garcinia Cambogia Tea

HCA in Garcinia Cambogia tea bags assist the Oolong tea.

When it comes to tea, what seems to be gaining spotlight nowadays are the tea variants that consist of Garcinia Cambogia extract. Based on numerous research and studies, it was found that Garcinia Cambogia tea benefits:

  1. Contains an active ingredient called hydroxycitric acid or HCA that is responsible in boosting fat burning and in cutting back the appetite.
  2. The nutrients that can be obtained from the extract blocks the enzyme called citrate lyase from making fat.
  3. Raises the level of serotonin, a brain chemical that makes a person feel less hungry.
  4. For diabetics, it controls the blood sugar in the body.
  5. The extract improves the cholesterols levels where the triglycerides and LDL (which is the bad cholesterol) are lowered.
  6. Raises the HDL or the good cholesterol

This extract comes from the plant that is indigenous in Indonesia and India and is popularly known as Garcinia gummi-gutta or brindleberry. The fruit, where the extract came from, looks like a small pumpkin with colors that are green to yellow. And it was discovered to be highly effective in weight loss after a television personality in the United States promoted Garcinia cambogia as an exhilarating breakthrough in natural weight loss.

Natures Slim Tea has formulated only small amounts in each of our garcinia cambogia tea bags. If you're a healthy individual who eats well and exercises, then there will be no problems with consuming our tea. But if you are considering Garcinia Cambogia as part of your weight loss program, and you're taking the extract in pill form, it is best to consult a trusted physician first for side effects you might experience. If you buy the pill form there has been many side effects due to high potency beyond recommended daily allowances.

According to many health experts, there's a possibility that it will interact badly to people who are taking:

  • Asthma and allergy medicines,
  • Diabetes medicines which could make the blood sugar lower
  • Vitamins like iron for anemia
  • Prescribed medication in lowering cholesterol
  • Medicines in thinning the blood.

In addition to this, it is not highly recommended for women who are pregnant or nursing, or those who have kidney and liver problems because of its potency. Yet, health experts strongly believe what Garcinia Cambogia can make a difference in improving the quality of life people.

With all the aforementioned health benefits of Garcinia Cambogia tea bags and the possible risk of not understanding its power, it is just right that we inquire, do research and consult before using products that claims they contain or made with Garcinia Cambogia. And more importantly, patronize products with Garcinia Cambogia extract only in authorized distributors because you will be rest assured that you get the best slimming tea products at a more reasonable price.

Aside from Garcinia Cambogia tea bags, milk and fresh juices, tea is considered as a healthy drink that people should not ignore because it contains lots of nutrients and phytochemicals that could contribute to better health. Drinking tea has been an ancient practice. In fact, in ancient China tea is referred as a medicinal drink where tea extracts like black and green tea extracts, for instance, could cure and prevent the occurrence of certain illnesses.

The dried leaves that are used to make a cup of tea are made from the finest herbs have distinct health benefits just like other popular tea variants that are often consumed such as green tea extract as well as the Pu-erh tea and Oolong tea. Because of this, the great influence of tea drinking in the East and South Asia, where the herbs in making tea are abundant, have spread far and wide to the west through Portuguese priest and merchants who are traveling the Silk Road and became a fashion in the 17th century among the many Britons were certain tea ceremony is being held.

The popularity of tea as a healthy beverage and a slimming tea has resulted to large-scale production and commercialization of the plants that are used in making tea. And today, lots of tea brands can now be found in the market offering various health benefits that can be obtained from herbs and some were packaged as weight loss tea. Whatever your choice is for the tea you select, its always best to select a non-diuretic tea, as the diuretics will drain fluid from your body and flush nutrients from the body before being absorbed. Select products that work with some form of exercise, good luck and stay healthy. Not only does our tea bags have garcinia cambogia green tea extract and many other useful ingredients, its also non-diuretic. Its truly one of the best slimming tea's you can buy on the market today.

By Natures Slim Tea. Our packets of 30 sachets are just $
Stevia tea

Stevia Rebaudiana

Stevia rebaudiana or (sugar Leaf) is a plant that produces a natural sweetener.  It is originated in subtropical areas of South America such as Paraguay. The plant's leaves hold a vast amount of non-toxic molecules and non-caloric that provides more than thirty times the sweetness of sugar powder.  It is also referred to as the" honey leaf or the sweet herb". The leaf of stevia tea contains magnesium, calcium, zinc, potassium, iron, carbohydrates and vitamins A and C and minerals.

With the expansion of stevia tea to your eating regimen, it has been accounted for to lessen hunger sensations, the longing for desserts or greasy nourishments, help processing, abatement hypertension without influencing pulse, settle blood glucose levels, abbreviate the recuperation time from frosty and influenza and help in lessening addictions to tobacco and liquor. Therefore, stevia tea can really help when it comes to weight loss, this is the reason Natures Slim tea has added a touch of this natural sweetener to our Oolong Tea and Pu erh Tea mix.

Stevia weight loss is due to the rest of the hunger mechanism of the people's body where between the stomach and hypothalamus have been obstructed. Thus, once you feel that you are full then the tendency is that you will eat less.

Stevia tea is known for various antibacterial properties: to such an extent that it can be utilized as a part of toothpaste or mouthwash to lessen depressions and gum ailment,  this is on account that its nothing at all like sugar, which harms teeth and gums, stevia tea has been discovered to be exceptionally useful. Scientists at the Hiroshima University School of Dentistry, Japan and the Purdue University Research team have found that stevia tea impedes plaque on teeth and stifles antibacterial development.

Since this solid sweetener is non-fermentable, non-staining and keeps up warmth solidness at 95 degree C its components have a long time span of usability, it is esteemed by numerous in the nourishment handling industry. Major multinational nourishment organizations like PepsiCo and Beatrice nourishments use stevia tea concentrate to sweeten sustenance available to be purchased in Japan, Brazil, and numerous other nations where it is affirmed.

As of late in Canada PepsiCo discharged Aquafina Plus Vitamins 10 Cal (An Enriched water) which contains unadulterated Stevia tea separate sweetener.

More than 500 distinct studies have been finished on stevia's security and adequacy. Japan and Japanese producers have utilized stevia rebaudiana for more than thirty years in numerous items, for example, cola, pickling items, mulling over gum, frozen yogurt and a wide mixture of different nourishments.

The way that it has been being used for more than 1500 years by the Guarani Natives of Paraguay as a sweetener in yerba mate and restorative teas and additionally for testing such conditions as heftiness, hypertension, and acid reflux.

Now that's all settled you can now start using stevia, however, it is good to remember that stevia may help you with your weight loss problem moreover, it can even improve your lifestyle but keep in mind that stevia is not a magic bullet. Stevia should be used with the control. Bear in mind, too much of anything is not good. Natures Slim Tea has only added a small percentage to our tea bags only to take the bland edge of the tea, people who normally don't have sugar in tea will hardly notice it. Those wanting more sweetness, please add a touch of honey.

You can only buy our tea's online as these formulations are exclusive to natures slim tea

  Slimming Tea