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 Gymnema Leaf

Welcome, we started as a tea shop in Sydney but rent and lack of customers on a summer’s day forced us to close the doors.  Now we have opened as an online tea shop, so customers can come to us anytime, day or night.

We are a company based in NSW, Australia. Natures Slim tea is a solely Internet based company.  When orders are received we strive to deliver that product as fast as possible.

Our main aim is to provide quality tea that’s been specifically blended to assist with weight loss.  We believe in delivering the best possible product and not some cheap tea that has no purpose.

We value our customer’s opinions and hope you return for our quality tea. Our tea is unique to Natures slim tea, so if you see the same blend by other companies, it has been copied.

We believe tea should be in its most natural form, mixed with other flavors and extracts to achieve a specific purpose. Oolong tea was our choice for the texture and its fermented process aids with fat burning.

We are always looking for wholesale quality organic suppliers that deliver natural plant/fruit/seed compounds, that can be combined to deliver a superb tea.

Edgar Casey who was the father of holistic medicine talks about natural extracts like these and each benefit it brings to the temple we know as the body. 

The calorie burning tea we offer, does not contain diuretic herbs, we use teas that reduce weight by fat mobilizers and speeding up the metabolism.

 Tangerine Peal Extract
Stevia Tea


Product and Shipping

fiveleaf or wild  jiaogulan

Our tea bags are have individual envelops for freshness when traveling separately.

There are 30 tea bags in each packet.

Shipping prices vary on individual countries and their Zones, prices are based on Australia Post. All single orders are under 500g

Maximum shipping weight for the time being is < 2KG 

Ordering 1, or buy 3 get 1 free, work out to be same shipping cost incured by australia post. We are working on ways of reducing the shipping cost. 

Note: If you see other sites advertising FREE shipping, its been included in their price

Contents of Packet
Puerh tea weight loss
Our Product Range
Oolong tea or wulong tea