Oolong Slimming Tea

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The Weight Loss Benefits of Oolong Tea or Wu-long tea

Over the years, there has been quite a bit of emphasis placed on the benefits of tea. However, most of the emphasis has been placed on green tea and the benefits of a powerful cousin, oolong tea, has been mostly kept silent.

Luckily, there are many scientists that have been willing to invest the time necessary to help those looking for a powerful weight loss tea to have more knowledge about this type of tea. Below we will discuss some of their findings.

Fat Reduction

One of the most important features of oolong tea is that it is a slimming tea. Research shows that this tea has the power to increase the metabolism while it is burning fat and blocking fat from being absorbed.

Fat affects the body in a couple of ways and a weight loss tea, such as oolong, can greatly help in these areas. First, the body stores fat with the intent of using it later. However, if this fat is not burned off, it will remain in the body and will cause us to gain weight. For those who drink fat burning oolong tea, they will find that it encourages their body to burn off this stored fat so that they can lose weight.

The fat that is already present in the body is not the only type that we should be concerned with. Since we are constantly consuming additional fat, this slimming tea will help ensure that the new fat will be used rather than stored.

Diuretic vs. Non-Diuretic

Another benefit of most oolong slimming teas is that they are typically non-diuretic. This means that instead of simply losing water weight as you would with diuretic versions, you will be losing a significant amount of true body weight.

This can be very beneficial for a number of reasons. Not only does it help us to reach the weight level that is best for our body size, but it will also create a great number of health benefits as well. This process can help protect us from heart disease, diabetes and a great number of other health problems as well. Caution must be taken if your using a diuretic tea, as this weakens the body, it should only be used for a short period.  


Another great benefit of slimming tea that is created from oolong tea is that it can easily be coupled with other amazing weight loss products, such as green tea extract. This is a fantastic item that is currently very popular in the weight loss industry. Not only does it help improve your metabolism, but it has been shown to be a very popular weight loss item as well.

When combined with green tree extract, oolong tea can be a very powerful weight loss supplement. It has been well researched and the results that have been concluded have been amazing. In fact, after just three days, participants in one study were able to see an increase in their metabolism and fat oxidation rates. If you are looking for a powerful slimming tea, be sure that you give non-diuretic oolong tea a try so that you can see just how wonderful the results are for you.


Lotus Leaves

Is Lotus Leaf Tea the New Weight Loss Tea?

The lotus plant may be most famous for its beautiful flowers, but the leaves are making their own mark in the world as being a new solution for weight loss. People in the Middle East and throughout Asia have been eating the whole lotus plant for over 5,000 years, but it’s only recently that lotus leaf tea has become known to the world as a whole.

Dynamic Duo

There are two amino acids found in lotus leaf tea that help with weight loss: taurine and L-carnitine. When these two are combined like they are in lotus leaf tea, their individual effects are even stronger. Taurine is the compound responsible for helping your body digest fats and absorb nutrients properly. L-carnitine is responsible for breaking down the stored fat in your body to produce usable energy.

Studies have shown that many people who are overweight have a deficiency in one or both of these essential amino acids. Although you can get them from meat, dairy products, and eggs, another way is through lotus leaf tea. It is the powerful combination of these two fat-burning amino acids that makes lotus leaf tea a great weight loss tea.

The Perfect Slimming Tea

While lotus leaf tea does a great job as a slimming tea on its own, it does even better when it’s combined with another weight loss tea such as oolong tea. Oolong tea also offers a number of benefits to the body, particularly when it comes to weight loss. In fact, oolong tea might be even more powerful than green tea when it comes to weight loss.

Oolong Tea and Fat Reduction.

Oolong tea contains compounds known as polymerized polyphenols. These compounds help increase the amount of energy your body is using. When your body uses more energy, then it has to start looking for things to burn, like stored fat. Oolong tea also contains compounds that can actually prevent your body from storing additional fat. A recent study done on the effects of oolong tea and the body found that women who drank oolong tea burned more fat than those who didn’t.

Another aspect of oolong tea that helps make it a great weight loss tea is that it contains caffeine. Caffeine can help boost your metabolism as well as keep you more alert and active throughout the day. That makes oolong tea a great pre-workout choice as it will give you an energy boost that you can use to get even more out of your workout, but it doesn’t have so much caffeine that you will feel jittery.

How to Drink Slimming Tea.

The most important part about drinking any slimming tea is to realize that while it can help boost your body’s fat-burning abilities, it’s not a magical drink that will combat your bad eating habits. The best way to lose weight by drinking tea is to drink weight loss tea in addition to changing your eating habits and getting out and exercising more. Your healthy lifestyle will then be boosted by the slimming tea that you are drinking.

Chickweed Tea for Weight Loss


chickweed tea and its components

Chickweed Tea By

Chickweed (Stellaria medi) is a weed found everywhere on the earth but native to the Europe. It belongs to Caryophyllaceae family of the kingdom plantae. It is an annual plant which grows in winter. It has small beautiful white flowers. It grows flowers and spreads the seeds at the same time.

It spreads the seeds very rapidly and if there is one chickweed plant in your garden, the chances are there that more plants will grow. It grows so rapidly that it can over-grow a crop, resulting in about 80% of loss to small grains e.g. barley.

Chickweed is thought more of as a weed than anything else, but it is very useful when ground down and made into Chickweed Tea, it also has many other uses. Its use in medical field started in about 16th century. It was used to reduce inflammatory conditions. Various skin conditions were also successfully treated in the past. It is still being used as a medical tea for various conditions.

Chickweed and chickweed tea has several benefits e.g.

It is has diuretic effects, which means it removes the extra fluid from the body, flushes the kidneys and urinary system making you feel more fresh. Nature’s slim tea has only added small amounts and this will not create a diuretic effect. It might prove beneficial for the patients who have edema over the body.

The best medications for edema are diuretics. You can try a natural diuretic as well which may prove a better way of treating the water overload. Various conditions like chronic liver disease, heart failure etc. are characterized by volume overloaded states, so you can use this tea in these conditions as well.

Chickweed tea has a weak laxative effect. It increases the body metabolic rate and promotes the weight loss. This also helps losing extra body water by promoting the water loss along with feces. Chickweed also produces satiety, decreasing the appetite this reducing the number of calories being taken. This also helps in losing the body weight.

Chickweed is very good for respiratory illnesses. It contains saponin which has anti-inflammatory effects. It also relaxes the muscles (muscle relaxant), relaxing the muscle in the respiratory tract and making breathing easier. It also helps in reducing a cough and can be used in smokers cough. Being anti-inflammatory, it is used in various inflammatory diseases of the respiratory tract.

It also reduces allergies as well. As the pathogenesis of the asthma includes both inflammation as well as allergic reactions, it helps suppress both. So, it is very useful in asthmatic patients and reduces the attacks of asthma.

Chickweed is good for skin. It can be used in various skin ailments. It can be applied externally on abrasions, cuts, wounds as well as skin diseases e.g. acne. It has antibacterial actions, which kills the bacteria and treats/avoids the infections. It also has detoxifying action which neutralizes the toxins and prevents the skin from their toxic effects.

Natures Slim Tea
Natures Slim Tea
Stevia Leaf

Stevia Rebaudiana

Known as one of the most impressive natural sweeteners that can be found out there, Stevia is a plant that’s native to South America but who you can find in a variety of places all over the globe right now, including Europe and some regions of Asia as well.

Many people in South America have been using it as a sweetener for hundreds of years now, but despite that, there are many other uses for this product, with the most important one coming in the form of medicine creation.

Weight Loss Aid

A major use for Stevia comes in the form of a weight loss aid, since the product can be used in order to promote a better digestion, while also helping your body lose those hunger cravings that appear from time to time.

Helps with Diabetes

Many persons, especially after a certain age, tend to deal with conditions like diabetes. This can bring in some very bad results for the human body, and that is why it’s important to make sure you integrate stevia into your dietary habits. No matter if it’s raw stevia, tea or any other form, this helps you cope with diabetes in a much better fashion.

Blood Pressure Relief

When you have to deal with a very high blood pressure, a very good idea is to consume as it allows you to lower the pressure in your blood. It’s a great stress relief product and one that manages to help you cope with bad situations in a more efficient manner which is really important.

Food Uses

When it comes to food, Stevia can be used as a flavor enhancer or as a non-caloric sweetener, depending on the situation. It can be encountered in a variety of foot types all over the globe thanks to its great taste.

Better Strength

With the help of Stevia, you can easily increase the strength of your muscle contractions. This is performed by pumping blood directly from the heart into the muscle. With it, you will receive the necessary boost of strength that might come in handy in a variety of situations.

Lowers the Uric Acid levels

Stevia manages to help you lower the uric acid levels which is very important, because these can reach toxic levels quite often if they aren’t kept under control. On top of that, it can also be used for preventing pregnancy, although in this situation it needs to be combined with other products.

As you can see, Stevia is indeed a great plant and one that manages to bring you some extraordinary results at all times. It enables you to gain a lower blood pressure but at the same time it also enables you to maintain a specific blood sugar level as well. All the aforementioned benefits can be received only if you consume stevia often, so we definitely recommend you to check this plant out, as it does bring in some immense benefits to your overall health!

Gymnema Leaf

Gymnema Leaf

Gymnema is a climbing shrub that grows in Africa and India, and has been used in medicine for diabetes, weight-loss, and metabolic syndrome. Like most herbs, it is used for other minor things, like suppressing dietary cravings and simulating a laxative effect during constipation.

Most commonly used in tea blends, Gymnema is easily blended into our base of oolong or Puerh tea, and will produce positive effects in blood sugar control, circulation, stress reduction and weight loss.

 Many studies into the active effects have been run by professionals, and while there is low evidence for negative side-effects, there are countless pieces of evidence to support its positive effects.


Gymnema leaf contains active ingredients that decrease the absorption in sugar, increases the amount of insulin in the body to break down sugars, and actually promotes the growth of cells in the pancreas (the organ responsible for producing insulin).

Weight loss

Much in the same way that it aids in sugar absorption and blood sugar control, gymnema actively reduces the amount of sugar that is unused and stored in fat stores around the body. It is also a preventative for inflammation, which means that it can help fight against all illnesses related to inflammation such as arthritis, obesity and joint problems.

Apetite Supression

Coined as the sugar-destroyer, gymnema is shown to reduce the taste of sugars in the mouth after chewing on the root. This has been tested and confirmed with both artificial sweeteners and natural sugars. If cakes and soda didn’t taste sweet, what would be the benefit in eating them? We know that they are bad for us, but we consume them due to the flavor; so if the flavour is gone, there is no need to continue with consumption. This of course, would once again help with weight-loss.


There was a study undertaken in 2012 into the weight loss effects of gymnema extract, and the results produced were surprising. Over a period of eight weeks, obese rats (that had become obese from being fed a high fat diet) were given gymnema extract daily. Over that period of time, the rats showed a decrease in amount of food eaten, and had lost lots of fat from their bodies. What was really shocking, was that the amount of bad cholesterol in the blood had reduced, suggesting that gymnema extract could be used in the control of blood lipid levels.

 With all the research pointing in the right direction, its’ easy to see why gymnema extract, along with many other eastern herbal remedies, are on the rise in terms of popularity. The world turns full circle, they say, and such is the case with medicine. Why turn to artificially produced compounds for medicine, when the world grows medicine all around us?

Five Leaf Gynostemma-Tea

Fiveleaf Gynostemma

Herbal remedies and natural solutions for our common ailments are on the rise again, and while some remedies should be taken with a pinch of salt, there are hundreds of powerful ‘super-herbs’ that have been studied and tested by professionals. The Gynostemma herb, native to China, Korea, Vietnam, and Japan, is one such herb, that is wholly worthy of the superfood title.

A natural antioxidant, gynostemma is known to contain a wide array of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, including but not restricted to, iron, potassium, selenium, zinc, magnesium, and calcium.

Weight Loss

Above all else, the gynostemma herb is used as a useful addition to a weight-loss diet, boasting weight-loss despite physical activity levels. Recommended to be taken alongside a healthy diet and regular exercise, gynostemma will melt away body fat at a rate of around one kilogram per month.

In a controlled human study, 80 participants were split into two groups, with half receiving two gynostemma extract pills a day, and the other taking two placebo pills. Their BMI, diet, and body fat percentage were tracked throughout the study, and the group that had been receiving the gynostemma had lost an average of around 2 lbs of body weight, and had smaller waist and hip circumferences. Needless to say, the placebo pill group had no noticeable changes in any of the above.

 Blood Pressure

Studies have shown that the adaptogenic compounds in gynostemma can lower hypertension and heighten hypotension, and so is a great way to lower blood pressure. It is thought that gynostemma helps to produce nitric acid, which aids in relaxing the blood vessels.


Known as the ‘miracle tea’ and the ‘immortality herb’ by locals, gynostemma aids in life spans as well as common illnesses. Research has shown that those who have consumed gynostemma throughout their lives, do in fact live longer. This points to the large mixture of vitamins, antioxidant effects, minerals and amino acids, though a definite confirmation as to ‘why’ has not been confirmed.

Tumor Prevention

 Much research has shown that gynostemma can actually halt the growth of cancerous tumors, and can even prevent damaged cells from turning cancerous in the first place. It is thought that gynostemma is capable of stopping cancer cells from dividing, thus slowing the growth of tumors and the spreading of the cancer itself.


 Like many other eastern herbs, gynostemma is known for its beneficial effect on lowering blood sugars. It has been shown to increase insulin sensitivity, which is great for type 2 sufferers of diabetes, whose insulin sensitivity has dropped so low that they must control sugar levels with diabetes pills. This evidence suggests that the severity of diabetes can be reversed by the miracle herb.


And the list goes on, with studies suggesting that the herb is able to reduce the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood, while raising the levels of good cholesterol.

 Holistic Properties

Herbalists and holistic practitioners claim that gynostemma promotes an internal balance between the five main systems of being: cardiovascular, digestive, immune, nervous and reproductive. This is called homeostasis, and it is thought the extremely high levels of saponin are responsible for this effect.

With its wide array of health benefits and nutrition, its easy to see why gynostemma has been attached to such words as miracle and immortality. The herb can be blended into a base of sixty percent oolong or Puerh tea, and is a very easy way to start improving your lifestyle today! With the positive effects on diabetes, blood pressure, cancer growth and obesity, gynostemma is a must have in your life right now.

tangerine peel tea

Tangerine Peel

Despite the fact that tangerines might be thought of as being very healthy, the reality is that their peel brings in even more benefits when compared to the actual fruit which is really interesting. But what benefits does the Tangerine Peel bring in and can it really help us obtain the best results? Let’s find out!

Right off the bat you need to understand that the Tangerine Peel helps you lower the cholesterol levels. As we already know, cholesterol does bring in numerous dangers for the human body, and this is why it’s a very good idea to make sure that you consume tea made out of these peels as often as possible.

Aside from lowering the cholesterol level, the tangerine peels also do a great job when it comes to relieving the pressure from the human stomach when it comes to problems like indigestion, but at the same time it also helps when it comes to fighting against conditions such as cancer.

It’s very easy to prepare Tangerine Peel team, all you have to do is to remove the peel and let it dry naturally without any intrusions from your side. It’s important to note that the peel will be usable for months in this form, although you have to keep it in a place that’s cool and dark.

When you want to make tea, then all you need is to tear off a small amount of pieces and then add them into a glass of hot water. You will need to let it steep for a little while, around 5 minutes are enough in this regard. There are stores that offer dried Tangerine Peel, but as we said you can easily do that on your own, it’s up to you.

Numerous studies have shown that the Tangerine Peel does have a very positive effect for lowering the overall amount of cholesterol, and this comes from the fact that it includes no less than 20 times the amount of antioxidants you can find in a normal juice. Combine that with the fact that the antioxidants are neutralizing the overall oxygen damage in the human tissue and promote a better health, then you will see why this product is very useful and healthy for the human body.

Free radicals found in our body can lead to cancer since they will damage molecules but with the help of Tangerine Peel you can prevent that as well. This is how the product manages to remove cancer or at least prevent it from developing.

There are some other benefits that come from Tangerine Peel consumption as well, and these include the prevention of motion sickness, but at the same time a tea created of these peels can also help with the morning sickness for pregnant women and detoxification. It’s also a great product for treating colds, flu or performing an entire detoxification for the body.

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