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Health Benefits of Oolong Tea

The Varieties and Health Benefits of Oolong Tea

Oolong Slim tea
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Oolong tea is a type of semi-oxidized tea, which means that it is intermediate between green tea and black tea. This article summarizes some basic facts about oolong tea, which includes the different varieties and health benefits of this tea. Oolong tea is originated in China, and is produced and consumed primarily in Taiwan and China. The taste is not as strong as Pu erh tea but has a smooth flavor thats great with a touch of lemon or honey.

The production process for oolong involves allowing the leaves to begin to oxidize, as one would in the production of black tea. However, before the oxidation is completed, the process is stopped by heating. The degree of oxidation and level of roast both vary considerably, leading to many different varieties with widely variable aromas, colors and flavors that will surely suit for your needs and desires.

Oolong Tea Health Benefits

What are the Health benefits of Oolong Tea?

Oolong tea is frequently marketed as a weight loss tea or dieting product. Most oolong teas marketed as weight loss products need to be high quality, as in natures slim tea, so the percentage added with the other herbs can affective in their potency. The quality greatly differs in the varieties and regions they are grown as many oolong teas in tea bags are of poor quality. We have maintained a high quality in our weight loss tea.

On the other hand, Oolong Tea is gentler on the stomach because of its smoother flavor. Drinking this tea regularly can help you reduce weight naturally without having any side effects. So by this, you can guarantee that you can lose weight safely.

Types of Oolong Tea



What are the Varieties of Oolong Tea?

Although basic, generic oolong that is available in most Asian markets or served in most Chinese restaurants can be enjoyable, the true joy lies in exploring the numerous named varieties from particular vicinities.

Chinese Oolongs:
Most Chinese oolongs originate in Anxi and Wuyi in Fujian province. The most widely-known is arguably Tie Guan Yin, meaning Iron Goddess of Mercy. Also produced in Anxi are the se chung oolongs, including qi lan, which means profound orchid, huang jin gui, which means golden osmanthus, and many others. Usually, many of these oolongs have floral aromas, and are available in different forms, with varying levels of roast. Famous Wuyi oolongs include rou gui or cinnamon and da hong pao or big red robe. Also worth mentioning are the dan cong teas, such as feng huang dan cong. Some of these teas are remarkable in how they mimic the aromas of spices or flowers. Natures Slim Tea is from the Fujian province.

Taiwan Oolong Tea

Taiwanese Oolongs:

The lightest oolong, much like a green tea, is known as bao zhong or pouchong, and is very popular in Taiwan. Progressing to darker varieties, amber oolong is intermediate in color and Jade oolong is another greener variety and overall qualities. Darker oolongs from Taiwan are usually just labeled as formosa oolong. Although a particular variety called or bai hao oolong or dong fang mei ren is widely available.

Now that you already know the different varieties of Oolong Tea, and its benefits is about time for you to take advantage from its good results. Upon drinking this tea, you can lose weight without having any worries in your mind. Please use herbal mixes that do not contain laxative herbs as losing weight from laxities is only loss of water from excessive bowel movements.

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