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Pu erh Tea and Weight Loss

  Pu erh Tea Benefits

Pu erh Tea: Drink at the Right time for Greater Health Benefits

Have you ever heard about Pu erh Tea? This is one of dark tea’s varieties that are produced in China, originally in Yunnan Province. It is named after the trading post in this province. This tea also undergoes an oxidation and microbial fermentation after its leaves were dried and then rolled. Traditionally, this is known as Mao Cha or “rough” and then it will be sold on market into pressed or formed as Shu Cha or “ripe” or Sheng Cha or “raw”. It the next ears have been really fruitful for its production and popularity.

  How Puerh Tea Works

How it Pu erh Tea Works

Pu erh Tea is not just any other kind of tea because traditionally, it is used as medicine. Well, this tea will never be popular if it does not have a distinct taste and purpose. Today, it was found that there are lots of health benefits that it brings to any tea lovers. To know more, here are the following:
  • It helps in lowering cholesterol levels – It was said that this tea contains Lovastin. This is a chemical is also said to be a prescription use to lower cholesterol.
  • It promotes better mental alertness – As Pu erh Tea contains caffeine, it promotes sharp thinking and retain your mental alertness all throughout the day.
  • It protects heart and your blood vessels – Its great contents of antioxidant was the main reason why it will strengthen your heart as well as giving you a health blood vessels.
  • It helps you to lose weight – This made effective through increasing the speed of your digestion. This will help flush out the fats in your stomach that increases metabolism.         

These are the great health benefits that you can count on with this tea.

  Pu erh Tea and Weight Loss



Pu erh Tea and Weight loss

Pu erh Tea is known in providing effectiveness towards effective weight loss. But if you drink it at a wrong time of the day, instead of losing weight, it will be the opposite. Many people, including you might be wondering about the best part of the day for the purpose of losing weight. Well, it was said that the best time for you to drink a cup of it is an hour after you have eaten your meal. Why? It will be able to remove the fats or grease that causes you to have fats and gain weight.  This will help you to flush out the entire unwanted leftovers, fats and other toxins in your stomach.

It will be more effective if you will drink this only without any other kind of tea. Plus you should partner it with proper exercise and a well-balanced diet so that you will be expecting to achieve the desired results, efficiently.

There is no wrong for someone to try traditional ways on weight and fat loss. It is because the ancient people have tried and trusted this so many years. Plus the leading technology had also proved its effectiveness. For the best way towards effective weight loss, try and drink Pu erh Tea at the right time.

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