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Top Herbal Teas for Weight loss

Top Herbal Teas for Weight loss

Herbal Teas for Weight Loss
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Tea is a beverage that people across often in the world and sometimes consider it their lifeline. You will rarely find people who havent tasted it or enjoyed it, disliking it or refusing a cup of tea. Besides it's obvious taste and the freshness, tea has myriad other health benefits. It is known to treat arthritis, prevent strokes and cardiovascular disease and even keep cancer at bay.

Among the different types of teas, herbal teas are particularly beneficial. These aren't derived from specific plants, but are an infusion of leaves, roots and barks steeped in warm water. The French call this 'tisane'. This extraction process, ensures the purity of the tea while maximizing the plant's health benefits.

In many ways, herbal teas benefit the body more than regular vitamin supplements. Not only do they hydrate the body, but also deliver essential oils and medicinal properties directly, and play a powerful role in aiding weight loss.

Top Herbal teas for Weight loss

Among herbal teas, there are a few very prominent ones that are immensely beneficial, the effects of which have been tried and tested, and results studied over several years. Oolong Tea and Pu-erh Tea are two of the top herbal teas available in the market. These are teas that help speed up digestion, bring down cholesterol levels, increase metabolism and can actually shrink fat cells.

Tea is one beverage that has been consumed since several centuries. The Asian culture has been loyal to the beverage since the beginning of time, and the physical constitution of the people and their longevity are physical proofs of the health benefits of this beverage.

Oolong Tea:

Oolong Tea A prominent, feted herbal tea, Oolong is highly consumed across several countries. This semi-oxidized and slightly fermented tea grown in China, has an amazing depth of flavors and complex body of taste that is very addictive. It's robust health benefits overshadow the flavor, since it is known to fight with every kind of symptom related to ageing; cholesterol, vascular disease, arthritis and blood pressure. Most importantly, it helps burn fat faster, and prevents their storage in the body, thereby aiding weight loss. Oolong tea has polyphenols that increase metabolism and block enzymes that cause fat build up. Enjoying the tea in its basic form, without addition of sweeteners and sugars, enhances its benefits even further.

Pu-erh Tea:

Pu-erh TeaAnother prominent beverage from the Yunnan province of China, Pu-erh Tea is richer, deeper and darker. Made by a natural process that includes microbial fermentation and oxidation of tea leaves, the tea has a black rich color and is considerably aged before being used as a beverage. This microbial aging produces 'lovastatin', a natural statin, which reduces fat build-up in the body, and hastens weight loss. Pu-erh Tea aids digestion, by enhancing healthy gut microbes, suppresses fatty acid synthesis (FAS) and blunts lipogenisis (fat creation by the liver) and helps in secretion of epinehrine and norepinephrine which increases breakdown of stored fatty acids in fat cells. It also helps increase cell levels of HSL or Hormone-Sensitive Lipase which blocks visceral fat accumulation.

Oolong Tea, Pu-erh Tea and several other potent herbal teas that aid in weight loss and increase the quality of life, are now available at Natures-Slim Tea. They can be bought online or at several offline retail outlets across the country. 

Natures Slim Tea
Natures Slim Tea

Top Herbal Tea's for Weight Loss

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